The magic of the sweet alfeñique, the family union and the tradition of the godsons, that have taken Cali for many years, starts its 20th versión through the Macetas Fest. 

A festivity from the 25th of june until july 5th that will be promoted and broadcasted through  several digital platforms as well as virtual sales of the macetas during the fest. 

For this  initiative Alexander Zuluaga Perdomo, Manager in Corfecali, announced that “we will celebrate the traditional macetas fest, this event has been recognized as cultural and intangible heritage of the nation that will allow us to show affection and love to our godsons and loved beings. That’s why we will be offering the product, because of the current situation through digital platforms”.

This way the Cali municipality through  Corfecali, organizes the logistics and digital structure for the citizens interested in acquire this product using the institutional web platforms and buy it. But also, to find digital content with information related to the conservation of this tradition.

Zuluaga, also added “we want to invite everyone to accompany the craftswomen and do not abandon them so that their effort, work and dedication in the conservation of this tradition of our city, have support in all those who are in the city or outside of it, so that they can acquire the macetas without leaving your house”. 

Facing this new form of celebrating this cultural and intangible tradition of the nation, Martha Cecilia Ortiz, sugar craftswoman, who by tradition creates the macetas for this fest, invited the citizens to support the work of the sugar craftswomen that created this article, saying: “We expect everyone to come join us, it’s the first time that we have this experience, we are a big group of sugar craftswomen that want this heritage to be visible and live within everyone of you”. 

The communication will be through  institutional media of Cali’s municipality and the corporation of events and spectacles of Cali, Corfecali. For godfathers, godmothers, grandparents, uncles and other family members to participate in this local fest. 

The event already counts with an official poster, selected among 22 projects. The winner of the contest is Andrea Bermúdez, a Young citizen of Cali from the Instituto Departamental Bellas Artes. The graphic piece of Andrea, according to the jury “is the best reflect the essence of the event”. 

Soon we will reveal the broad cultural  and academic programing of the XX Macetas Fest, as well as the digital media to bring this sweet tradition to life. This event is supported by the Cali Municipality through the Culture Secretary.

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