The Meeting of Children and Youth lovers of Afro-Latin music: MELOMANITOS: HEIRS OF TRADITION, will arrive this year to its second version within the framework of the 63rd Cali Fair.

This family event will be held under the direction of Esperanza Perafán and Luís Carlos Delgado, recognized culture managers of melomania in the city, who together add several decades of experience in this field.

This unique and vibrant party, whose protagonists are boys, girls and young people who have found through the taste and cultivation of Salsa music, an extraordinary form of construction and reaffirmation of the culture and identity of Cali. It promises to become a mandatory reference for social interaction and family reunion around music and tradition.

In the previous edition of this Meeting, 40 boys and girls participated accompanied by their parents, families, neighbors and friends, who cheered and applauded the participants for five consecutive evenings, turning this party into a fraternal neighborhood meeting, where Salsa, friendship and joy were the common denominator that filled the blue sky of las Canchas Panamericanas with smiles.

In this 63 Cali Fair and in this particular meeting, we will live a unique, authentic experience, connected with a display of creativity and technology … in the clef of Salsa and flavor, where the maximum values of life and health are protected.

We are sure that with a creative and intelligent technological proposal, we will be able to develop an extraordinary event that allows us not only to maintain and defend the city’s salsa tradition, but also to open up to the world by inspiring the participation of melomanitos from other latitudes.

We invite you to enjoy and share a party for life, full of smiles, that breathes, that beats, that connects us carefully, that we knit together, that is linked to our culture, and that gives us hope.

During this Cali Fair, la clave sos vos… you are the Key!